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If you haven't already come across Sporcle a website full of fun and educational quizzes, you really should go and have a browse over their 250,000 user-generated trivia games. Quizzes are divided into subjects such as sports, geography, music, movies, television, just for fun, history, literature, language, science and of course miscellaneous and you can even create your very own quizzes. If you want some help deciding on some quizzes to start with though, we have a list here of 10 that you really ought to try out and even master. So here we go...

  1. For the first one on our list, let's suggest an easy one to get started. Obviously if you live in the United States this should be even easier for you but for people elsewhere in the world it maybe a little bit trickier. Can you name the US states? With 10 minutes on the timer go ahead and see how many of the 50 states you can name. Our record is 1 minute 51 seconds, can you beat it?


  2. Next up we have several quizzes to help you learn all the countries in the world starting with, Can you name the countries of Europe? You have 47 countries to name and 8 minutes on the clock. Our record is 1 minute 50 seconds, how fast can you name them all?


  3. Continuing on from naming the European countries we have Can you name the countries of North America? There are 23 countries to name in 10 minutes. We can do it in 59 seconds. How about you? 


  4. Then there is of course Can you name the countries of South America? With only 12 countries to name and a timer of 5 minutes, you should have plenty of time left over. Our record is 27 seconds, how fast can you name them all?


  5. This one should be quite easy to learn Can you name the countries of Oceania? Again there are only 14 with a 5 minute timer. 37 seconds is our record, see if you can beat it.


  6. And then we move on to a pretty hard one Can you name the countries of Asia? You have 10 minutes to complete the 49 countries this time. We can do it in 2 minutes 7 seconds. What's your best time? 


  7. And getting even harder we have Can you name the African countries? Again you have 10 minutes to name all 54 countries. See if you can beat us at 2 minutes 59 seconds.


  8. Now once you have become a master at all of the previous ones in our list you can try your hand at this one Can you name the countries of the world? So you think you're getting good now? 15 minutes to name all 197 countries of the world goes pretty quickly if you get stuck on even one. We can do this one in 7 minutes 56 seconds. Can you beat us?


  9. And now that you know all the countries how about Can you name the flags of the world? Let us know how fast you can do this one in the comments below. You have 18 minutes to name all 197 flags. We don't have a best time for this one yet but will update you guys once we have one.


  10. Now if you are really up for a learning marathon try out this one to see how many you remember. Can you name the elements of the periodic table? So finally try your hand at naming all 118 elements in just 15 minutes. With our record at 4 minutes 15 seconds you might be trying for a while before you manage to beat that one!!!