Finishes its Hitch-Hiking Journey Across Canada

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Let me introduce you to hitchBOT, an outgoing and charismatic robot from Port Credit, Ontario, who went on a journey to test whether robots can learn to trust humans. hitchBOT has just completed a journey from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Victoria, British Colombia, a journey of over 3,700 miles (6,000 km) and has hitch-hiked all the way!!

Many facebook comments and tweets expressed concern for hitchBOT's journey all alone, many people thought that it might get lost, abducted or damaged, but hitchBOT was looked after very carefully by it's drivers and continued on the correct route to the final destination with only small detours to enjoy the experiences along the way with its new found friends.

hitchBOT was first conceived by two professors, David Smith and Frauke Zeller but now has several new family members who help support and mentor and inspire the cute robot to follow its dreams.

hitchBOT relied on the friendliness and help of people it met along the way. It shared pictures and thanked its drivers for the memorable experiences including getting to join in with some Harlem Shake practice and gatecrashing a wedding to have a dance with the bride.


hitchBOT will be hosting a finale event on Thursday, 21st August from 7pm - 9:30pm (PDT) at Open Space Arts Society in Victoria. Visitors will have the chance to meet hitchBOT, and are encouraged to ask questions and take selfies with it.

If you'd like to keep up to date with the last few days of hitchBOT's travels and find out what its next plans are, you can visit the website, facebook pagetwitter page or instagram page There are plenty of pictures of its travels and stories from along the way.