Yasi Hofer

If you are a Steve Vai fan then this girl will have you drooling.

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Yasi Hofer was born in October 1992 and at the age of 12 decided to learn to play the electric guitar. After her teacher introduced her to Steve Vai music she spent hours and hours dedicated to learning and practicing Steve Vai songs. In 2007, making her just 14 years old she uploaded this video of her playing Steve Vai's For The Love Of God to Youtube. After receiving millions of hits and Steve Vai's attention, the man himself invited her to join him on stage in her hometown Ulm, Germany to play his song "Answers".

After she was headlined in all the local papers, she decided to quit school and went to study music at the "Musikhochschule Stuttgart" for 3 semesters then applied for and won a scholarship to the world famous "Berklee College of Music" in Boston. In 2009, then 17 years old, she uploaded a video of her playing Steve Vai's Tender Surrender.

So where is she now? Did all that dedication pay off? Well... YES of course it did!!! She is still only 21 years old, has her own album out called YASI. She, being good friends with Steve Vai, still jams with the world famous guitarist and also has her own band who are touring around Europe, with dates set for concerts in places such as Dornstadt, Hamburg & Hannover during 2014. So the moral of the story is, if you want something in life go out there and grab it with both hands. This amazing woman had only been playing the guitar for 2 years before she became a worldwide sensation, and even now, has only been playing for 9 years. But what separates her from the rest? Her absolute hard work and dedication!!!


Here is her official facebook page and official website if you would like anymore information about her and her incredible talent.