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Are you one of those people that love to sing in the shower? That hum along to tunes when you think no one can hear you? You love singing but you're not sure if you're any good? Or you don't really care if you can sing you just feel all your troubles drain away when you belt out a tune? If your answer is yes to any of the above, then this app is definitely for you.

Sing! by app developers Smule is an app available from the Apple App Store & Google Play that allows you to sing along to all your favourite songs. To join songs you simply scroll through the songbook and click on the song you wish to sing. If you join someone else's song you are adding your voice to their performance. If you wish to create your own performance you can either buy the song or become a VIP subscriber (giving you the option to sing ALL songs). When you sing a song you have several options. Solo (sing the entire song alone), Duet (sing a song and then allow people to join your performance) or Group (sing a song and then allow many other people to join the performance).


When you sing a song you are given the option of inviting people to join it. You also have the option of following other singers and they can follow you. And if you love someone's performance, you can love it, favourite it and comment on it.

The fact that they have a free option is great for those of us on a tight budget that still love to sing, but for those of you that just can't help themselves in wanting access to ALL 800+ songs (with more being added weekly) and being able to sing them solo, the VIP pass is for you.

The pricing is:

  • 1 Week VIP Pass - £1.99
  • 1 Month VIP Pass - £5.49
  • 1 Year VIP Pass - £27.99

*Please Note* All of these pricing options are set to be on auto renew so they will roll on weekly, monthly and yearly and payment will be taken from your apple account automatically unless you unsubscribe, so remember to do this if you do not wish to continue your membership.

If you'd like to join me on Sing!, go ahead and download the app, create yourself an account and start your singing journey. I'm not the greatest of singers but if you'd like to follow me on the app my username is SelenaRachel and I would love to hear from anyone that has started to enjoy the app from reading this article. Comment on one of my songs to say Hi! and I will happily say Hi and follow you. If you find that you love the app be sure to also look up Smule's other free apps which are also great fun:

  • Smule Guitar!
  • Smule Magic Piano
  • Smule AutoRap