No More Hair

No More Hair, Really!!!

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I am one of those woman that really, really struggle with hair removal. I have spent years envying those that just go get waxed, or have no problem shaving or those lucky types that get that fine, wispy hair and barely have to do anything to keep their bits and pieces under control. I, on the other hand, have that nasty thick black hair that when shaved magically appears back, within hours and is horrible and stubbly. I've tried every method of removing it possible and they ALL give me a rash that makes me itch so badly that I scratch until I bleed. What is the point in getting hair free to be beach ready and then being covered instead, with red blotchy patches, itchy spots and blood. Oh and just to top it off what about the ingrowing hairs.

So what can you do about it, you say? For years I have just put up with shaving or hidden myself away under leggings, tights, trousers and long skirts. Not an ideal solution but one that saves you the embarrassment of people seeing hairy or red, sore legs. In the bedroom that doesn't really help you out, the only solution there is pyjamas, an understanding partner or making lots of excuses of having a headache, maybe.

I considered for a long time whether to invest in a NoNo! I had read so many reviews, some good but lots and lots bad. My thoughts were that maybe I would be one of the lucky ones that it worked for and I'd see results, but my problem was that by the time I would be able to see whether it was working or not, it would be well and truly out of the money back guarantee period. At anything up to £200 for the chance that it may or may not work, I wouldn't say it was completely off my mind but it became something I would put off and then a few months later read some more reviews just incase by magic it would have some better ones. Yes , I was that desperate for some magical cure!!!

So what changed, you ask? Well, I came across the Phillips Lumea IPL, while browsing through Very. I wondered what it was, checked out the reviews, nearly fainted at the price, and then after a brief calculation of how much razors must be costing per year, decided what the hell and ordered it. Yes it is very, very expensive! So I was thinking rough price of razor blades £2 each ish… say you used 1 per week, ok I know we all try to make them last longer than they are meant for… so in 4 years it would cost me the same in razors. The reviews on Very and Amazon were amazing on the product. People were saying they had seen results after even the first time of using it. To be honest though I would pay anything to get rid of the pain and stress I go through trying to remove my excess hair!!!

3 Days later my machine arrived, I charged it, read through the instructions briefly. Please do note that this should not be used if you do not fit the category stated on their website, which includes having red hair, being dark skinned, and several ailments that it is strictly not suitable for. Luckily I am the perfect candidate for it, fair skinned, dark haired. Before using it you should shave, so I did. I used it as per instructions, placing it onto my skin until the light shows it is ready and pressing the button, each time moving the machine a little to do the next patch. The things I noted were that it does take a bit longer than it states the first few times of getting used to it. The flashing light is very bright so don't be tempted to keep looking at it, even though you kind of can't help yourself, and occasionally you do need to turn the setting down as it does tingle a bit when you do a sensitive area. The results… oh my…………… I love it, after using it only once I could see a difference, I had patches where no hair grew back at all, and other patches that looked the same as before but that made the overall feel of my leg hair softer and smoother. I have now used it 4 times with 2 week intervals between when you can re-use it and each and every time the patches that are totally hair free become larger and the rest of the hair becomes softer, but better than all of that I have had no rash, no itchiness and no ingrowing hair problems since the very first time. The instructions do warn of possible skin irritation, of which the only thing I have experienced is when I briefly put my wellies on to go out in the garden and I had a strange sensation like I had a splinter in one tiny patch on my leg that did make me have to take them off but wasn't really a massive problem to me. My underarms are taking a little longer to have an effect on but the hair is definitely finer and softer and that means I am having to shave far less often and again am getting no irritation after shaving. I can actually just leave my legs for the 2 weeks in between using the IPL and then do them just before I am ready to use it again, but of course, if I'm going out somewhere or doing something I can now shave them anytime and not worry about the nasty itching rash, even if I shave them the day after I just shaved them, which I could never have dreamt of doing before. So….. I can safely say, this is one of the best things I have ever, ever bought. It is a hefty price to pay but I would pay that and more for the results I got. If you can afford it and have massive problems with your hair removal than do not think twice!!! If you can't afford it I would seriously suggest saving up for it, because I can honestly say, it works.