Dancing Nana

Dancing Nana Can't Help But Dance

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We all love our nana's, right? Some of them are kind and sweet, some spoil you rotten even when you're all grown up and some are definitely quirky like this one. Nana Feole became a youtube hit when her grandaughter pulled up outside her house, turned the car stereo up and took a video of her dancing her way down the steps to the car, back in March 2013. It has reached over 5 million hits.

Her grandaughter picks her up once a week, to take her out for breakfast or lunch and watches and films as she makes her way to the car, dancing to the oldies. Wouldn't we all love to see our nana's having this much fun :)


And this time, sitting at the table at 5:30am on christmas morning, we find out that nana not only dances but sings too.

On the day before nana Feole's 89th birthday, her grandaughter Chelsey asked her how it felt to be 89, her reply was "Age is just a number, 89 but I feel like I'm 18 baby!" and she most certainly looks like she enjoys life like she is 18.


Chelsea and her Nana were named Ambassadors of National Grandparents Day 2013. Grandparents Day is mainly celebrated in the US but I think it is just as important that we have a special day to remember our grandparents here in the UK. This year's Grandparents day is on Sunday 7th September 2014 in the US and Sunday 5th October in the UK (take a look on our celebrations calendar) so remember to do something to remind your grandparents just how special they are.

If you would like to buy a dancing nana t-shirt, despite the fact that this crowdfunded project didn't meet it's target, go ahead and click on the WAIT! I STILL WANT ONE button and we may just get this project going again if we can get enough people. Half of the proceeds will be donated to Alzheimer's Research so whether you want to help out a good cause, or you just reaaaaalllly want a Dancing Nana T-shirt get clicking.

Well dancing nana has now turned 90 years old and if you'd like to say hi to her she can be contacted through her facebook page run by her grandaughter. Now go turn the music up and dance like no one is watching.

I could dance all fucking day!