Why I Hate School But Love Education

By The Inspirational Suli Breaks

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There is only one way to describe this young man and that is inspirational. His name is Suli Breaks and he is a lover of the written and spoken word. He pushes boundaries with his poetry and is certainly achieving his goal of inspiring and informing a generation. His, Why I Hate School But Love Education piece, is one of many videos seeking to tackle many of today's tough issues and make people pause for thought. And for many parents that dedicate their lives to Home Education or Radical Unschooling this video really says it all, in a way that many of us can not express.


What is Radical Unschooling? Well to start with, unschooling is a philosophy that education should come from individual, natural life experiences, through play, curiosity, personal interests, travel, social interaction and wherever life takes you. Radical Unschooling extends this philosophy into all aspects of life. This has spread through not only school age children, but more and more often, teenagers and adults are finding their own individual ways to learn what they need to know in life, without necessarily attending Colleges and Universities. People are learning through experience, travelling, using apps, games and online resources, and now even Universities are realizing that people want to learn in their own time, at their own pace, in more comfortable surroundings than a stuffy classroom.

Hundred's of Universities even including the likes of Yale and The University Of London are now offering new, more modern courses on websites such as Coursera, to complete in the comfort of your own home. Are you one of many who complain that this causes a generation of drop outs? Well you'd be wrong! In actual fact when given choices and the freedom to choose what you learn, when, and where, it means you get to choose something that motivates and inspires you. It means you can learn and study when you feel at your peak, achieving more, and understanding more, in less time. It may even mean you get to progress faster, without being held back, or it may mean you can spend that extra bit of effort and attention, on things you are finding a struggle.

Most do not realize that Suli Breaks has a Law Degree - albeit unused. After leaving university and finding himself, like many, with fewer job prospects than before he had started, he decided to pursue an alternative career, fueled by his disbelief in the current education system. Another of his videos, I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate, really resonates in the hearts of many.


Breaks has recently released his debut audio project called "The Dormroom" which is available for free on his website, so make sure you head over there to download it and take a look at what else he is up to. Also be sure to join his mailing list for updates or add him on facebook or twitter.