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We Need More People Like This Guy In The World

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How many of us actually stop our day to day lives and think about people less fortunate than ourselves. Some of us spend our whole lives oblivious to the pain and stress other people go through, but there are some special people out there that not only think about the struggles, but actually do what they can to help. Maybe they help in some small way, giving a little extra money, helping with a warm drink, warm clothes, hot food, and love and respect. This guy however, deserves utmost respect for what he did and continues to do.


This man Varun Pruthi, simply asked people to share his video, and by doing so promised that he would use the money from the views to go and help more people. His question is can money buy happiness? The proof that it does, does not come from the filthy rich buying themselves a sports car, a walk in wardrobe kitted out in designer clothing or buying a second home somewhere hot, with a pool and enough bedrooms for the entire town most of which sit empty for 95% of the year. It comes from the faces of these less fortunate people as it dawns on them that someone cares, they are loved, they have been given a break and will sleep well tonight. For several minutes you can see them contemplating whether they are dreaming and will wake up in a minute, this is when the answer is YES money can buy a small piece of happiness for these people.

If you would like to keep updated with what else this guy has planned, visit his Facebook page or Youtube page and share his video to help him, help even more people in need. If you would like to give a donation to this cause go to the Indiegogo campaign page.